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Green dating sites singles

Date for Trees: Donates a tree for each month of paid membership to partner American Forests.

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Others are more bold in finding what they are looking for and use green dating sites.I recently ran across this Treehugger article that introduced me to a new term, “ecosexual.” Looking for someone to date who shares your concern for protecting the environment isn’t a new concept, but apparently there are a number of dating sites that have sprung up to meet a growing demand. As we reach a more critical time in protecting our planet, many of us are spending countless hours at jobs in several sectors working to achieve sustainability.Then our personal time, whether it be grocery shopping or figuring out how to get from point A to point B, is spent working towards a state of mindfulness, becoming increasingly aware of the tiniest decisions and the impact they may have.He owned another failed site called, which allowed people in a dispute to air their grievances online and have other site visitors judge the debate through a voting process — sort of like a real tribunal.He also tried to auction the world's most expensive e-mail address to no avail several years ago., which launched last June, pledges to donate a planted tree for each of the site's daters every month of their paid membership.

It's one of the most recent in a spate of environmentally conscious dating sites to launch over the last several years.

While Internet dating and environmental advocacy might not be the most intuitive business pairing, founder Ralph van Troost said last week it's the sort of novel, quirky mashup that might lead the site to greater success.

"Something that is unique has a greater chance of getting attention from the public and the media," van Troost wrote via e-mail.

Also unlike a traditional online dating service, all of the sites below are gay-friendly.

Green Singles: Members “share a global consciousness influenced by holistic philosophies, green politics, and a willingness to explore the mind, body and spirit.” A percentage of membership fees supports nonprofits in varying industries.

The site currently has 188 members, and none of them owns a paid membership, van Troost says.