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Good sexchat phrases

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I am not including the whole email here, will try to show edits with a …

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Gay, lesbian, bisexual – we all have the same rules to follow really.Too aggressive, too graphic, too gay for the lobby?This month one of our visitors got into a debate in the lobby about Lesbian girls being overly aggressive, or showing too much PDA in the main chat lobby, and some issues around that.Years ago, when gay and lesbian lifestyles were not so popular / accepted, I wondered what the line was for gay couples who wanted to kiss in public here in my city.Decades ago, two guys holding hands around here would stir up more than stank eye stares with most of the residents in my area.We have many rules and content guidelines for what is allowed in our chat rooms here.

A few things are banned (most age play) – and some things are not allowed in the main lobby at all, and are only permitted in certain side rooms.

(bits from the email complaint sent in) …lesbians hang out in main chat …

and hit on all the ladies that come in there, including those that have said over and over that they are straight …

Although a guy and girl doing it might be more accepted – I still think that most restaurants are a bad place for rubbing, frenching, intense PDA, no matter what sexes the couple is.

So we do need to consider what is being said in the lobby exactly, and consider that some things are okay and some things may cross the line of what should be taken to a more appropriate location.

Some subjects (like bdsm) may allow for a few things to be brought up in the lobby, but other more graphic things including screen names are not allowed. I think I brought this up on the content guidelines page.