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But, as I am aware how difficult it is to difpof Tefs our-* felves of Opinions, that have never before been doubted, I might in this Place produce fome Examples to illuftrate how litde the univerfal Reoeption of a Dodtrine is a Proof of its In- fidlibility : However, I (hall only mention the two famous Cafes of a Tympany in the jlbdo^ meny and a Pneumatrocele in the Scrotum or Ingueny which, after having been admitted for id many Centuries, to be diftint^ Diforders of thofc Parts, are now, by the moft able Pradti- tioners, fuppofed to be ima^nary ; the Jffd Us having been miftaken for the one, and the Her^ nia Jnf^inalis S ^9 A Critkai Enfuirf^ Ssc* Pb R H AP 8^ t Q this uiqt Bufitivc Age, it may itppicaf iiirprifin^ llhat for fo long a courfe of Time, no one (hould have deleded die Falfity of this Opinion : But it was the Fatality of thofe Days, that Phyficians n A Philofophers believed the Bo Bnds of Science were fixed, and all they ftudied Wttfi,how to aocommodate tlieir own Opinions to thofe of Hipp9crates^ Ar^/ith tky €b§us and Gakk.It isii D Wonder then, whilft this Hnmour prevailed, ihat any par^ ticukr Miftake ibould, under the San Aion of thefe great Men, he tranfraitted to Pofterity} and it i» certainj this mery Doffarine is one of thofe Inftances^ for we read in Celfus fo ample and diftind; an Account of this fuppofed Jjfy^ dr(H:€le^ that I cannot hut look upon a U tfa« iubfeqnent Defcripttons of Writers iince hion, as fo many Copies of that one Octgina L I bfe*. the Elytbyroides (Tunica J^agina Us) and :, ** Ce ULCap* 4 8r « Fab.

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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. P^y^haps there never was a Period bf Time in which any Art was more tultivated than Surgery has been for thefe lafi thirty Tearsj and I believe few have more contributed to its Per-- fe Siion than the Authors to whofe TP^orks I have referrd in fome of the following "Critic fms ; and therefore if I am right in my Remarks^ I would not have it imagined that the Errors I have pointed outy are Specimens of the other Parts of their Works. Mo Hfieur Lc DTsa:ii ^t Rings ^ that is, about an Inch, which will ufually be a fufficient Extent, though there (hould be a Stridure in that Place j bat fure as this Rule may appear, it is always advifeable for greater Certainty, to introduce the Fore-finger of the Left-hand up the Sac^ from which we may learn whether there be any part of the Stridiure yet unopened.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The Dilatation of the Rings, znd Neck of the Herniary Sac, is a Procefs in the Operation w&ich takes place ia the order I have men^ ^ 7 ^fffiola difatu €X Uteri tula ixcifo, p. 3I tloned, if the t^arts in the Hernia are found 5 but if any Portion of them is gangrcri'd, the Gangrene is firfl: to be cut away, whether it be Omentum or Inteftine.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. -.■ ■ CRITICAL ENQUIRY INTO THE Present State O F S U R G E R r. Where the Omentum is mortify^d, the ufual Method of treating it, is by tying a Ligature round the found t^art near the Extremity of the Mortification, and cutting it a h'ttle below the Ligature, the String is to be left hahging out of the Wound, that what remains may be taken away NVhen it drops from the found Omentum : The Defign of this Ligature is to prevent the Hamorrbage^ which it is fuppoled might enfue.lieve i Jhall be pardoned, if I give the Reader an £Ktrad of wiisft ^ Celfus has advanced c(ni:h]» Subgcd:, efpecklty, as it is fo apft to the prcfeot Enquiry, andaiib, becaufe fome emineot ^ Au« tiators entirely sbi&pprehend him, particularly in thofe fandamental Points, the Anatomical Defi»jpdons of the Parts. ab Aiuapcndente, zju the A Crkkal Enquiry^ &(% 'fi^ ikt Darto Sy which two he fuppodfes peculiar to each Teftide } and the Scrotum^ which 18 com^ aon (0 both.But in the Explanation of the ii Scxeat Diibrders of the Scrctum^ he x^ort f enera Uy diftingiitfhes the Membranes by their Sitaation $ for Bxafmple, the Tunica Faginalk he calls the Tunica tmai the Darf^s^ Ttmick media \ znd the Scr&fum^ Tunica Jumma.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Before this Circumfiiance was attended to, and when it was believed that the Stricture D of J4- A Critical Enquiry y 8cc.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. of the l^ingi^ and the Adhefion of the Vifcera to the Sac were the only Impediments in Na- ture to the return of the Intefiine Sy if by Chance fuch a Cafe occurr'di and the 'Rings only were dilated, the Patient necef Tarily died 5 becaufe the Strangulation was not reliev'd.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. However h muft be confefs'd, that an ample Enlargement of the "Rings and Sac was formerly recommended by 7 Cyprianus^ though he was not appris'd of this Accident ; he fays, a large Opening of the Rings and Sac is of great Service in facilitating the Return of the Vifcera.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. But I think this Doc- trine of a large Incifion, though there be no Stri(9:ure of the Sac^ cannot be inculcated too llrongly ; for when the Incifion is large, we not only handle the inflamed and almoft mortify 'd Intejiines with lefs Roughnefs in order to reduce them, but alfo efcape the Confcquence which follows upon wounding tendinous Parts without d Widing then ; as poffibly may ibmedmes hap- pen in this Cafe totiniorous Operators, who juft make a flight Incifion into the Edges of the Rings, without carrying it through them.

ddmef Udify thi fim in in)iry Country of Europft 5 fhr if the topical Rtme^ Sses made iif& of on thefi Oceafiom are differ ent^ their Tendency and Effe Si are the fame.

The Treatment of Tumors, JVounds, Abfcejfes and Ulcers, feems to be fun- A 2 damentally PREFACE.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. To begm then with the Examination of that * Colledtion of Water, which is by fome laid in general Terms to be formed in the Scro^ tkmi or by others, more explicitly pobted out t& be feared between the Tunica Fagina Ks and- the ^ Darfos Mixfcle. de Vilars, ij Si F 4 Criterions^ 72 A Critical "inquiry ^ 86c* Critcrions, and always fiich as arc to bediftin- guiflicd by a difcernirig Eye ?