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This mod is an overhaul of DS3, adding "new" content like weapons, armor and spells!Please, understand that this mod is a work in progress (WIP).

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All these are now constantly synced and updatable directly from various apps on my phone. the fully customizable screen allows me to drag and drop all kinds of widgets for applications on any one of seven screens (1 middle screen and three screens on either side that are accessible by swiping your finger right or left). The Google option is for cloud computing to store our information and sync from there – not from your computer.

Google Maps is yet another free service that Google offers to get you listed on their search engine.

It allows you to post your physical address, phone number, website address and products/services provided.

For years now, we have heard the, “Content is King” line. But to me, when someone refers to “content,” I mostly think in terms of: This is some boring content over, forget, etc.

This is where good design practices will help to get your message across to your users as much, if not more so, than content.

There’s software that was included to do this with a PC, but not Mac.