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Some of scholars use the practice in their classrooms too, engaging undergraduate students in course content and discussion (Massumi, 2015).CSD is a collaborative practice based on close reading and performance, with an objective to encourage participants to think beyond pre-given ideas that they already have about a given text and themselves.

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Immanence is only immanence to itself [1], it is what is always and in any case already present [2].CSD is an inflection of Deleuze-Guattarian ideas on thinking.To “inflect” is not to copy or trace some thing, but to adapt it according to the characteristics of the space in which the adaptation takes place [3].The average user sees about 100 stories per day (pieces of content) in their News Feed (Kolowich, 2016).Content, provided by publishers, advertisers and (non-professional) users, includes written articles, video, podcasts, image-based media (advertisements, infographics) and music. Charbonneau plans to run several more events in northern California over the next few months.

This paper extends previous work that develops Deleuze’s concept of immanence in a research and education context.

Its focus is a minor practice called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD), noted by Brian Massumi as a technique for disabling the tendency in group dynamics for participants to perform their acquired knowledge, at the expense of “exploratory thinking.” This paper contribute to Deleuze-Guattarian “immanent pedagogies” in that it outlines Facebook’s value as a tool for implementing CSD — actually, a digitally inflected mode of CSD called Close Reading using Facebook (CRF).

Facebook contributes speed, strengthening immanence and rhizoanalysis, exploding reading and allowing more opportunities for creativity.

That perspective recognizes an immanent structure of user and content and proposes it as a form of resistance (or “play”) to Facebook’s underlying commercial determinism.

In part two, with this vision of Facebook in the background, CSD is unpacked.

In developing this argument about an immanent reading practice using Facebook, this paper draws on teaching events at an Australian university in 20.