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Flirting tips shy girls dating

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However, if you don’t know of any hobbies you share it’s time to do a little investigation of your target and the things he likes.Check out his Facebook page and try to find out a few of the hobbies he’s interested in.

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You won’t find it too hard to ask him to join you at an art gallery or karaoke bar.Go out for drinks and make sure he’s coming; engage in small talk with your friends, but make sure you dedicate most of your time to him.Let him see you want to have a conversation with him more than anyone else, but don’t act desperate.Keep your cool, try to be as smart and funny as you can and let things progress naturally.A relaxed atmosphere and a few laughs can help both of you lighten up. This doesn’t mean you have to jump his bones or try to kiss him when he’s not looking (although most guys might find that incredibly intriguing lol.) The question is, does a shy woman really need to do something extraordinary just to make a guy understand that she likes him? So here’s a wild thought: Why don’t you have some flowers sent to him, or maybe a nice bottle of wine along with his favorite food?Buy him a card and make sure you write your cell phone number in it.

He’s going to have to eventually man up and give you a “thank you” call.

If he is a guy that usually hangs out in your typical friends group this should be easy.

I suggest that you ask him out alone, just the two of you.

Just make sure you pose as an organizer and have him invite a couple of people too.

Once you are on the outing that’s when you’ll make your intentions a little more known.

But being a shy girl, I know that you might find that to be a bit nerve racking.