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File updating translate

file updating translate-75

I tried this (upgrade base module) but changes to files did not update.Uninstalling and re-installing a module does seem to update some of translations, but not all of them.

file updating translate-51

Finally, I discovered the module rights just given above is coming with the updated translation.It helps save time on mundane translation tasks with a lightweight and easy-to-use interface and smart features like pre-translation and machine translation.The license is valid for one user and can be used on up to 3 computers (whether running Windows, mac OS, or Linux), as long as you are the only person using it.See the corresponding bug report here: Import Translation.In some cases the records imported this way may fail to have 'module' value set correctly (it may be empty), which prevents the translation from working properly.AFAIK, there was a design decision to be made: either to allow users to change translations from the GUI, or to always override user's translations with files.

Currently the tradeoff is made in favour of being able to manually change translations from the GUI.

FILES=/opt/openerp/mk_MK/*# Database in which to import the files. LANG=mk_MK for f in $FILES do echo "Processing $f file..." # take action on each file.

$f store current file name ./openerp-server -d $DATABASE -l $LANG --i18n-import=$f --i18n-overwrite done I am new to odoo and facing the exact same issue.

DONE After spending lots of time for struggling with exports, imports, updates, overwrites for a long time, this is how i manage to fix all empty/duplicated/not updated translation problems:1) Stop odoo2) Update all po files (in source folders) 3) Delete all translations from database (DELETE FROM ir_translation WHERE lang = 'tr_TR')4) Run odoo with load language option.

This will reload all po files from source folders back to database (./--stop-after-init --load-language=tr_TR -c odoo.conf) 5) Start odoo And all translations are updated to latest...

Default value for sequence parameter (which you should not have add) is 100.