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Ex treme dating spanking

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was a short-lived, (2002-2004), syndicated show whose name & twist came from dragging along two EX-boy/girlfriends of one of the singles & hooking them up with a TV monitor & microphones to allow them to watch what's going on on the date & whisper not-so-sweet nothings in the ear of the woman/man they're supposedly out to save from making the same mistake they did.Granted, as with any so-called "reality" show, just how much of what transpired on any date was producer orchestrated is hard to say. But, be it spontaneous or staged, EX-treme dating most definitely did do an awesome job of finding or fixing it so that more single young women & men were willing to engage in She-spanks-He play for the TV world to see than any other dating show we checked out.

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She's got her blind date in the palm of her pretty hand & knows it as she selects some prime spanking implements (a wooden spoon, a metal spatula & a plank-sized paddle for stirring) from the many beer making tools on the counter & queries her clearly intrigued target about which he'd prefer to feel whacking his muscled butt... This is one wise, wonderful woman who knows what she wants & how to get it by bringing out the naughty boy inside most men!! Please do note that ALL material on this site & contained within our fanzines & flicks is the internationally copyright protected property of us old-fashioned spankers at Scarlett Hill Entertainment &/or the original creators as noted & thus may not be reposted, republished or reused in any form without our express written consent. Veronica laughs with unabashed delight & literally makes a bee line for the nearby paddle display where she picks one out that feels just right & eagerly orders her new boy toy to bend over so she can give him what he deserves... Norma, (in the cut-out below), is shown smiling at the other ex as if to say what we & many viewers were probably thinking, too... The whacks are tentative & light, but no less exciting to the beaming blind daters...Or the 2 exes who, to the delight of the show's producers, decide to try some paddling play of their own!First, over his bathing suit & then on a bare cheek when she boldly yanks down one side of his trunks!There's little doubt that Veronica had fun with her unexpected foray into the realm of Female Domination.Still, she does her best & gives Greg's waggling rump several whacks, which, interestingly enough, seem to excite the observing exes as much as the CP-minded couple who, in separate interviews after their beer store blushing, pick the paddling play as their favorite part of the date so far. she opts for a more private, paid for by the show second date with him... And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.

Unfortunately for the exes, Angela isn't ready to toss her new boy toy back to them at the end of the date. Leaving everyone with the feeling that she wants another chance to warm his bad boy bottom...

And there's no doubt at all that Brandon loved it, too.

But the proof of how much the pretty little minx enjoyed herself comes at the end of the show, when she chooses to go on another date with Brandon.

They talked to the other person via an earpiece, feeding hints for conversation topics and comments on the date itself.

At the end of the date, one person waited for a limousine.

Ordering her boy toy to present his bottom for her pleasure, Veronica plants a resounding smack to the seat of his wet swim trunks.