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Emily haines james shaw dating

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The Twilight soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy Award and landed METRIC on the Academy Award nomination short list in 2011 for the theme song they co-wrote with composer Howard Shore.

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If you're a great singer and you want to get up there in your panties, then power to you.I feel a little bit burned, because we were pretty early adopters and really excited about the idea of how it could democratise things for musicians, much as we might like to go back to the 1800s, I think we just can't. Which is the feeling [behind] the title of Pagans In Vegas; the idea of like, 'You may wish - and I too share that wish - that we could retreat into some other time that we all imagine was better, when everything was fucking amazing...Hard rocking title track Synthetica offers an epic conclusion to suspenseful album opener Artificial Noctune.METRIC will be on tour throughout 2012 and have already announced select tour dates in North America, UK, Europe and Australia.Their fifth full-length studio album SYNTHETICA will be released on June 12, 2012.

Sonicallyfuturistic yet organic, this album sounds like the culmination of all the music the band has made in their 10 years together.

Emily Haines: I'm really torn because I felt like it was super empowering at the beginning, and now I kind of feel like creative people are pretty much screwed by the internet.

For writers and musicians, it's kind of like, 'Oh, you're just the thing that's selling everything else.' You are still paying for music, you're just paying somebody else.

but we can't retreat, we have to stay in the world that we live in, and somehow realise that we're all shaping the internet.

EH: The problem with the internet is there is no context. Nothing you ever do or say again that is ever captured carries the context with it.

It's a territory in which they're revelling - though with none of the jaded bitterness that so many of their peers have crept towards.