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She says that if she can’t prevent it happening to the daughter in law of the family, she wishes the same happen to the daughter as well. They try to call Arpita, or her parents but cant get them . Please give me one more chance, I can’t live without you. Avni says that she wont ever believe in love if she doesn’t stop. She sees Raj coming, and thinks that she must stop thinking about Raj or she will see him everywhere. Avni asks what are you doing here, he says they thought of having an outing. He says he promised her that they will have a date together, and asks her to go along him. Bhawna holds hand to hit avni, she says she got all her answers. I couldn’t be a good husband, I couldn’t fulfill any of my promise but I want to fulfil them now. The receptionist there tells her that the flight she is talking about has already left. He takes her to a table decorated with roses, and offers her a chair. Avni thinks he has ordered all her favorite dishes.

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He cant help it, he is also hurt as he knows she must have cried.Raj tells her that he looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. Raj finds Akshit and says that he knew he must be here, if not with Arpita then with her memories. Raj hugs Akshit, he thanks her saying he must have lost her without her. He comes to the table and asks Bhawna where you and Avni were. He says he thought you people must have gone to Akshit. Raj says he was sure she will say yes, he even reserved the table by the name of Avni Khandelwal. Suket comes to the lawn and thinks her face is telling that she was talking to Akshit or Arpita. He tells him that his tips helped him run his restaurant well. Avni tells Devika to let her hair lose, as Raj likes them this way. they ask if he is going empty handed, he shows them the gift he bought.Avni tells him he was depressed and he think whatever is happening is for the benefit of both. Avni says to Bhawna that Akshit loves you and dad so much that he left his love, but why cant you people do anything for his love. He says I waited to hear this so long, when I first saw you, when I fall in love with you and when I finally confessed my love. Arpita says Avni stopped me after saying what she did in mike. Akshit says it is a great feeling being together after setting apart. Bhawna says to Arpita that she was also hurt same as she was. He says that Arpita was set to go, so there must be tension. Devika says that dating means go with him, take a lunch somewhere and say each other’s heart. They both chose the dresses, Jija helps Raj while Devika helps Avni chose the clothes. Suket asks is he keeping the records, he shows him his mobile. Avni comes to the temple and asks for the blessings.Arpita says that if it was so, he must have been here. She takes the call and says that papa I know that the flight is at 7, she is just coming.Arpita hugs her while Avni keeps on crying not to go.She gives them to Bhawna saying she has signed them.

Avni stops her and begs her not to go but she leaves. Avni runs inside the house to tell everyone that Arpita is leaving for US. Arpita touches Bauji’s feet and says she wanted to take her blessings before leaving.

She says she always will miss Akshit, she says she cant see him lost. Her dad says you may go for sometime, but she says she has to go forever. Pratab comes there and says that Bhawna supported Arpita and was even ready to leave. He says that the daughter in law keeps the family together, and it is a bad sign that the peace of house is disturbed. Avni says that she cant leave, Raj says that Akshit will have to confess his love for her.

Avni comes disturbed saying Akshit is nowhere at home. Raj says he has a believe that their love wont get defeated. Avni runs inside the house to tell everyone that Arpita is leaving for US. Arpita touches Bauji’s feet and says she wanted to take her blessings before leaving.

Arpita looks at a photo of her wedding, and packs the bag. He sees Avni and asks she is already ready, was she going out anywhere?

Raj tells Akshit that Arpita is leaving because she loves you, but the one she loves doesn’t care for her. She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family.

Akshit says to avni that he knew Arpita is going to comes, and the journalists would have asked her the same, so he said this.