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Dating website beautiful people only

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What if you went on a dating website and every single person on there was a stunner?That’s the concept behind an exclusive dating site called

The ratings range from “Yes, definitely”, to “Hmm, yes OK”, to “Hmm no, not really” to “No definitely not.Ugly noses topped the list for both sexes, as did a “too small” mouth, bad teeth, obesity, bad skin, a unibrow, back hair, balding scalps, and dirty nails. Those that hope to join "have to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex.Hey, on the positive side, the site’s founder, Greg Hodge, says many of the ugly traits listed are “easily fixable.” Uh, thanks? Then they can attend exclusive parties and events and meet and chat with other beautiful members,” Hodge told us, adding, “If the online dating market were a nightclub we would be the VIP room.” Recently, the site introduced an additional service for Beautiful People rejects where they could opt in to receive either general feedback from a beauty expert or detailed feedback from a board-certified plastic surgeon, giving them bespoke advice on how they can improve their appearance. “Men will vote women in solely on how they look, whereas women look at the bigger overall picture; does this man look successful, is he displaying an interesting lifestyle, does he have money?Then it was released in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2005.Due to its positive reception, it finally went global in 2009.Yet, Beautiful People received a couple of controversies and criticism due to its exclusivity and membership process.

It was also attacked by hackers that undermined the membership process and even leaked private data of the website’s members.

A controversial dating website which only accepts “beautiful people” has now turned away upward of 8.5 million people due to “ugly features” they have.

For guys, poor posture and “effeminate” demeanor topped the ugly list.

In contrast, two-thirds of Swedish men and a whopping three-quarters of Norwegian women are approved.

As if being able to date a bunch of hotties wasn’t enough of a come-on, promises that those few who get in will get access to “glamorous parties, a jet-set global network” and “potential contracts from top modeling agencies”.

The criteria for judging are the applicants’ appearance which can be seen through the photos they upload, as well as their personalities, which are brought to light by their self-written ‘About Me’ paragraphs.