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Dating too busy to call

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If you’re anything like the amazing guys we work with every day, you are smart, active, and even involved with your community. By the end of the day, they can feel too spent to muster the energy for their dating lives. Here’s how one client put it: “For me, I was always putting off meeting someone until I’ve achieved X goal.

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You can meet the right person, but, if you meet at the wrong time, it’s not going to work. As he got into the new job, I could tell he was stressed and the stress seemed to be increasing.I was a little worried that, between a brand new job and grad school, there wouldn’t be much left for pursuing a relationship.I asked if I would ever see him again, and his response was that, at least for the next few weeks, he had to say no.There was no commitment from him that I would ever hear from him again.Or is it always code for someone not being that interested?

Seeing as everything was going so well until the one day it wasn’t, I have a hard time believing it was because he wasn’t in to me.

rather than being externally imposed, preventing you from dating.

If something is important to you, you WILL find a way.

It’s because other commitments — helping out a friend, going for a bike ride, or working out — feel certain and safe, whereas dating feels foreign and scary.

Luckily, there are steps every guy can take to manage time better.

I recently had a brief, but somewhat intense, relationship with someone I thought had the potential to go the distance.