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Dating outside your social class

However, it is better to opt for one which isn’t already threatened by the boundaries of class at the initial point…don’t you think? Nkem Ndem is a dynamic freelance writer and editor who can be reached for copywriting, editing and proofreading. V, radio) who has had stints with Jumia and Spice TV Africa e.t.c.

Of course, her intention was not to ridicule the guy.and a couple of other movies where love conquered the social class divide.Fast forward to 2017, the Internet rules; anyone can meet anyone, and nobody kicks up a fuss about cross-class relationships or marriages anymore. We no longer factor it in when considering the root of our relationship problems, and we look to psychology or gender norms instead when trying to figure out why our partner is being an ass.She had shared her experience to find out if her declining a second date with the guy and refusing to speak to him again afterward portrayed her as being a snob.Another friend who was out with us, *Bisi, jumped in and assured her that she made the right call nipping it all in the bud – she was better off with someone in her class.Obviously, I have nothing against it, but it certainly would be quite a chore building a relationship with someone from a dramatically different social background, wouldn’t it?

Sure, all relationships take work, but with a combination maturity and a willingness to healthily compromise, you can overcome any relationship problem.

This would go on to stir feelings of insecurity, resentment, usually in the partner on the “lower” side of this difference.

And as a result, there will be a lot of negative pressure, tension, conflict as well as a sort of imbalance in the relationship, making it difficult for the couple to last long or even survive.

And if anybody has, have there ever been any issues or anything ?

I'd be so nervous about bringing my boyfriend home - about what he may think, etc. this is relatively topical because of william/kate I guess, but I'm in this situation at the mo!

We pretend that we live in a classless society where background does not matter as much as present compatibility.