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Dating multidose vials

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Are you purchasing the safest available medication?Think about safety when you re-supply clinic medications.

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Included in the FAQs was the requirement that multidose vials must be discarded after 28 days of the first use, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.In addition to the OSHA-mandated bloodborne pathogen training, job-specific training on infection control, including safe injection practices, should be provided upon hire and at least annually for healthcare personnel.- SDV MDVs typically contain an antimicrobial preservative which is reflected on the label and by the use of term “multiple dose vial.” If there is no preservative, it is likely not an MDV. While limiting MDVs to single patients is the safest option, FDA-approved manufactured MDVs may be used for multiple patients provided that safe injection practices are followed and the vial is restricted to a central medication area.The 28-day time frame is based on the fact that manufacturers are required by law to test the effectiveness of the bacteriostatic agent used in the multi-dose vial for a period of 28 days." The article also offers guidance from a surveyor, who suggests facilities: .Read more from The Joint Commission: - Joint Commission Names Former ASC Administrator as Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program Field Director - Joint Commission Names Dr.Facilities should have a designated clean medication area where injections are drawn up and labeled immediately before each individual patient.

This space should be away from patient care areas and where any used or soiled equipment and materials might be.

Following basic safe injection procedures is not something to take for granted — there is too much at stake.

includes an article providing guidance for surgery centers to meet the requirements for the use of multi-dose vials.

Request the smallest vials that meet individual patient needs. Consult with pharmacists and others to learn whether pre-filled syringes or other "ready to deliver" unit-dose packaging is available.

Do you arrange infection control training for your healthcare personnel?

Once punctured, the vial needs to be relabeled to reflect the new expiration date (28 days later, or whatever the manufacturer specifies).