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Dating infidelity scale

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Women reporting infidelity of a partner in a prior relationship were more likely to engage in face-to-face and online emotional EDI; a longer relationship and a younger age at the first sexual encounter were significant correlates of the engagement in face-to-face emotional EDI.Women with higher education were approximately three times more likely to engage in online sexual EDI.

Analyzing the distorted use of the term "fidelity" by market-based reformers, Santoro illustrates how it can be used as a weapon against teacher…In this study, we used an exploratory methodology to determine what cultural models African American emerging adults use to understand infidelity/cheating.It was hypothesized that the adult children of parents who practiced authoritative parenting would report less favorable attitudes toward, and fewer incidences of, general deviance and…In this interview, Gerald Weeks shares his expertise on the topic of infidelity and couples counseling. Weeks defines infidelity, presents assessment strategies for treating the issue of infidelity, and discusses an intersystemic model for infidelity treatment when counseling couples. Weeks also provides insight into common mistakes made…This study explored high school teachers' perceptions of the effects of standards-based grading (SBG) on planning, instruction, assessment, classroom management, and student behaviors.Findings indicated that despite some infidelity and an initial implementation dip, systemic (SBG) changes made teaching clearer, more purposeful, and more conducive…This study examined the relationships between adult attachment, cognitive appraisal, and university students' behavioral and emotional reactions to infidelity situations in romantic relationships.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The purpose of this study was to expand upon the existing research on the relationship between parenting styles, general deviance, and romantic infidelity.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.

age = 23.97 years), all of whom reported being in an exclusive dating relationship for an average of 35 months.

The current study developed nine religiousness subscales using items from the 1998 General Social Survey to more fully explore the association…Finding it difficult to overcome the emotional distress experienced when considering her husband's infidelity, a client seeks counselling support.

The client's goal was to learn about herself and to use the experience as an opportunity for self transformation.

Although men and women are converging in terms of overall EDI, men still report higher engagement in physical/sexual extradyadic behaviors, and the correlates of sexual and emotional EDI vary according to gender.

This study contributes to a comprehensive approach of factors influencing the likelihood of EDI and encourages future research in this area.

Although cheating was a major concern, most of the girls were more…Numerous studies have been conducted examining leadership within community colleges, participatory governance and its role, as well as conditions that support organizational change.