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Dating course miracles

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Neither the Course nor I am suggesting that you should avoid, deny, or discredit doctors and medicine, all of which help in important ways.Good doctors and medicine are blessings that serve nobly to relieve suffering.

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Because God has invested us with the ability to create, we are capable of making up stories of sickness and healing, and then manifesting them in our experience.The Course takes a firm stand that our pain and healing are more a function of our thoughts than physical causes.It tells us, “You are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you.For more information about this program, Alan’s books, free daily inspirational quotes, and his weekly radio show, visit He bends down to tie his shoe and misses three cabs, but finally gets in one.Alan Cohen is the author of I Had it All the Time: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy.

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Meanwhile, we can work to peel away our beliefs in magic.

We must examine our thoughts and attitudes and recognize their link to the condition of our health. Physical illness is the last step in the progression of thought and emotion.

While we may be tempted to laugh at ignorant rural Indians, we all suffer from ignorance.

Fear bites worse than any dog, and love heals more powerfully than yogurt and herbs.

Even though there was no snake, he was just as dead as if a deadly snake had bitten him.