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Dating ampeg cabinets

No worries about if it will be a good sound night or not.

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The SVT-810E is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.This is the speaker enclosure people mean when they say SVT speaker cabinet. Other than the color scheme, it is identical to the original SVT-810. Ampeg learned early on that 10 inch speakers work much more efficiently than fifteens or eighteens - and if you put eight 10 inch speakers together, you can move a huge column of air.You'd need five 18 inch or six 15 inch speakers to move as much air as the SVT-810E!It’ll take a beating and never damage the wheels or Tolex. It's one of the few cabs you'll see still gigging in twenty years and still sounding amazing.If you’re thinking about it just go ahead and do it. The band I played in for a while had one of these that was about ten years old and sounded amazing. And mine has treated me just as well(although I've only had it for a few months)I love that you can run the bottom four and top four speakers independantly." Two albums, Two tours, and 130 shows, can't be wrong, this cab has seen every stage condition imaginable, and it rocked them all!

It is a solum tower of black with a matte finish that has a take no prisoners look.

From the studio to the stage, I have recorded and toured with nothing but Ampeg for only two reasons, Tone and Dependability. It is a strait forward cab with all the features you need to be able to rock out and knock dead the audience with the wall of sound low end that every bass players wants. I tour with two of these and it take time and a strong back to get them to stage.... Plug one in and you will change your mind about the weight. While I have known a ton of guys that use these for country, pop punk, and jazz, to me it seems a waste but to each his own.

This is a cab meant for laying down the low end and competing with the largest stacks of guitars that can be thrown at you.

Discontinued and B-Stock Products: Limited 90-day No-Fault Warranty While most players my age are downsizing, I choose to have the best sound possible. I have several cabinets(Mesa, Hartke, Peavey) and this is the King of the cabinets.

I used it last night with my Mesa Subway 800D head and it's the best sound I've had in 42 years! There’s a reason why you see this bass cab on nearly every back line across the world. I use a 500 watt orange head and drive these speakers very hard and never a problem.

Now the most sought after stage amplifier, the SVT has proven its road worthiness on stages around the world. Louis Music, Inc purchased Ampeg and continues the tradition of making quality, musician-satisifying products.