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Dating advice for divorced woman

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That makes being as mindful as possible as you go through the process absolutely essential.

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Even with the rightness of the decision on my side, and my desire to have a "good divorce," the road was at times unendingly sad, fearful, and emotionally draining.By deciding not to work outside the home while your kids were young, you clearly made the intentional decision to put your children and their needs before your desire for career fulfillment.That children-first decision is even more important now.Your kids are undergoing a massive rupture in their lives, which makes them more vulnerable and at risk.At this tenuous time in their young lives, your children will be watching and learning from you more than ever before.You may be given advice to do everything possible to eviscerate your partner in court and/or get the biggest financial settlement you possible can.

Another may suggest you interview every rock-star divorce attorney in town, thereby disqualifying those family law professionals as options for your husband.

So, after 13 years of marriage when I found myself thinking about upending my marriage commitment, it felt inconceivable.

Plus, it was difficult to face people who would consider me a failure at an institution in which I presumed I would excel.

Perhaps some of them will resonate with you: As a divorcing SAHM, a number of people advised me to get an attorney to protect my interests, money and assets.

Not sure which route to take, I asked a divorce attorney friend of mine for her professional opinion.

No doubt you spent many months deliberating, trying to come up with an alternative solution.