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Consolidating email accounts gmail

makes it pretty easy to create an alias and forward your Google mail to that address.

I'd like to add an additional folder for Junk within this All Accounts list, which shows Junk email from all of my accounts. If you use MS Hotmail you can also forward/receive e-mail from other accounts by selecting 'options' then 'Send & receive mail from other e-mail accounts'.I have an account with AOL which I access through my Hotmail account and it works with no problems what so ever.This method results in faster receipt because email will be forwarded as received instead of waiting for Gmail to request the mail. As far as I can tell only Hotmail balks at forwarding directly to gmail. I am helping a friend convert from AOL mail to Gmail and have a question. You can also forward email from any other Gmail account to the prime account. I have 5 mail addresses and use POPTRAY to collect from all the servers, it's free and you can delete anything before it gets to your email program. I make sure all the email is clean, sorted, junk removed and then use Thunderbird once a week or so to download everything from gmail via IMAP (leaving copies on the gmail server). Gmail is pretty reliable but never put all your eggs in one basket. I understand that the process explained in the article will import all email and address books that are online at AOL, but will it import all the archived messages in the AOL mail application that my friend still uses? Do you, or any of your readers, have any suggestions? It notifies you of mail received and it comes up instantaneously when you click on the icon. You can configure any number of email accounts in it - and you can delete mail on the server before it gets to your inbox.

Gmail cant go out and grab email from all webmail accounts. EDITOR'S NOTE: Gmail's import feature DOES bring in mail from other accounts. I am confused - why not use an email client like Thunderbird to bring in all this mail?

The only problem is that when I reply to an email it will still appear in the recipients mail box as my Google email address, [email protected]

So the next step was to change my primary address in Gmail from [email protected] [email protected], which is known as an alias.

I'd like to consolidate the filters, labels, and of course, all the messages, from two different Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.

And I would like to preserve the labels I have affixed to hundreds, nay, thousands of archived messages.

Does anyone know of a way to see all my emails from my different accounts (GMAIL, YAHOO, BELLSOUTH) in one screen.