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He accomplished that by destroying the citadel of power of Nishantha - Mahinda Rajapakse who controlled the cricket arena until then.In addition , exploiting his political power he surmounted his disqualifications : owning bookies, sports gear business , and newspaper publication which barred him from holding the post of president of Cricket board .

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However , after he was chased out by the people from Borella at the last parliamentary elections Thilanga of course has realized he hasn’t even a ghost of a chance of winning at parliamentary elections again.This paper, by comparing three potential energy trading systems, studies the feasibility of integrating a community energy storage (CES) device with consumer-owned photovoltaic (PV) systems for demand-side management of a residential neighborhood area network.We consider a fully competitive CES operator in a non-cooperative Stackelberg game, a benevolent CES operator that has socially favorable regulations with competitive users, and a centralized cooperative CES operator that minimizes the…Thilanga also managed to make his friend Jayantha Dharmadasa the vice president of the association and get him to his side.Later chased him out without telling that in so many words.5 million, as well as Arjuna Ranatunge , the three of them are likely to be denied the South African tour .

The irony of ironies is , it is Mustafa who had never held a bat in his whole life who had proffered all the advice.

July.12, 8.00PM) After driving the last nail into the coffin of Sri Lankan (SL) cricket , Thilanga Sumathipala is continuing to perform his acrobatics before it.

While Faizer Mustafa is beating the drums for Thilanga to perform his clownish acrobatics , President Sirisena is enjoying watching the sad spectacle .

Thilanga whom Chandrika detested most aligned himself behind Mahinda then in order to teach a lesson to Chandrika. post through the national list and made deputy speaker .

Thilanga who spent for the election campaign in Colombo of Mahinda , after the defeat , ingratiated himself into the favor of Maithripala Sirisena virtually worshipping him only to get thrown out at the elections because he was extolling Maithripala while denouncing Mahinda . Thereafter with the president’s patronage he secured the highest position in the cricket arena.

When Ranil Wickremesinghe initially gave him the Anuradhapura UNP organizer post , he treated Ranil like a deity.