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Phone: 0800 1111 for Childline for children (24-hour helpline) 08 for adults concerned about a child (24-hour helpline) Website: Advice on dealing with domestic violence.

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SANEline: 03 (daily, 4.30pm to 10.30pm) Textcare: comfort and care via text message, sent when the person needs it most: Peer support forum: Website: Information on child and adolescent mental health. Phone: Parents' helpline 08 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm) Website: Children's charity dedicated to ending child abuse and child cruelty.The email confirms that you have provided the correct details and that you are who you say you are. Enter the username and password you used during registration and you will be presented with the Introductions Forum.Open the forum by clicking on the title and then make an introductory post to the community. After submitting your first post it will be queued automatically and a Moderator will approve it.After registration you will be sent an email by the administration team.Email Activation Before accessing the Survivor Forums and after successful registration you will be sent an activation email from the Administrator. Log In After clicking on the activation link you will be taken to the forum login page.Phone: HOPEline UK 08 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm, and 2pm to 5pm on weekends) Website: and advice for people living with mental illness.

Phone: 0300 5000 927 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm) Website: support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair.

They can respond to any matters that can not wait until the next working day.

Open to all carers aged 18 , 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Carers FIRST's Carers Forum aims to give carers the opportunity to chat with others who may find themselves in similar situations, offer each other advice and support and share experiences about what helped them.

Xen Zone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults.

Kooth, from Xen Zone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.

Offers a course to help overcome your phobia or OCD.