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Candy dating

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I think that you will be talking about by the small and cute package and the share of delicious ramune.Ramune is a soda drink with a necked middle form and a glass ball stopper. In order to open the stopper of the glass beads of the ramune, it is necessary to drop the glass beads on the bottle’s neck using special tools.

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I love old movies, reading on rainy days and deep conversations.When you go on a trip with a friend, you bring Orion Ramune.I think that you will be talking about by the small and cute package and the share of delicious ramune. Because the taste and texture are delicious, once I start, I can’t stop eating…It gets disentangled when chewing, you can enjoy a different texture from candy and caramel.If you dissolve the ramune candy on your tongue, you will feel like a real, shameless feeling like a real ramune.As an MBTI nerd and a generally analytical person with an affinity for a couple types in particular (ENTPs are my weakness), I looooooove that this is happening. What’s the most exciting date you can possibly think of? Energetic, friendly, the first to show up and the last to leave.

While I would not recommend making dating decisions exclusively based on someone’s Myers-Briggs type, it’s definitely fun to get an early impression of the type of person who might show up for drinks. When I’m not filling my social calendar, I’m probably spearheading another decorating project, taking care of my nieces and nephews, organizing a work function or generally helping out somewhere. I really need a date who can deem to match my level of effort.

In such a case, the Ramune candy is very recommended!!

the Ramune candy is a sweet which reproduced the soda drink called ramune, but it is easy to eat with crispy.

I see possibilities everywhere, and will chase every last one of them. Responsible, stable, looking for a partner-in-crime. Not sure if this is the best way to meet a compatible partner but it’s certainly the most efficient way to date in my limited free time!

Note: Cannot go out in my neighborhood if you want alone time. Dating is like an extreme sport for my emotions and I ultimately can’t wait to find The One (aka another weirdo who just gets me). The best mistake of your life or the best thing to ever happen to you? If I don’t reply, I’m living my life and have totally forgotten about this conversation (sry, not personal!!! Message me again with IRL date plans, preferably an hour before they happen.

(No shame.)A mystery wrapped in enigma with an artist’s heart and a humanitarian spirit. Flexible and down for pretty much anything; I’m interested in having the greatest night of my life and finding the greatest love of my life.