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Bud light speed dating

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Speaking of being covered in clay, pottery can get a bit messy.It’s worth wearing something comfy that you don’t mind getting dirty rather than your standard date night dress.

He was born there, he does visit when ever Chelsea staub his cousin likes to. Here’s hoping their success sparks a trend and gets other pottery studios involved in some steamy dating action.At least we’ll have a nice vase at the end of the night – that’s loads more satisfying than Tinder.When Hayley moved from Spokane, Washington, to Boise City, Idaho, she found the people to be warm and welcoming, but she was struggling to make lasting friendships and relationships.She wrote about her experiences on Reddit and soon connected with another user named Ladytedward, who’d also moved from Spokane to Boise.When the NY Knicks asked us what we thought of the promotion, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do two things everyone should try at least once - see the Knicks at Madison Square Garden and speed-date.

The tickets are $55, including a discounted seat in the 300 section, a pregame "mixer" and a post-game party with drinks and refreshments - not to mention meeting some new people.

About event Hosted by comedians Alex Duong (Nickelodeon, MTV, Disney) and Haiti (Roast Battle) Best of THIRD World's Comedy show is the wildest comedy event in Hollywood.

This show features some of the most hilarious comedians in the city along with unforgettable arguments and banter from Alex and Haiti.

Not only is the show unpredictable, the open mic that follows the booked show has been known to be explosive!

Happy hour includes $5 Bud Light and $.25 chicken bites (min.

So it only makes sense that someone’s created a pottery-themed dating night.