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They are not however a known cause of female balding.Do take note though that having your hair tied or styled in tight arrangements may cause traction alopecia.

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If hormonal changes aren't enough, your metabolism begins to slow down by age 40 if not sooner.It is incorrect to believe though that only old women have this condition.Young women may fall severely ill or they may go through periods of hormonal fluctuations that can make hair loss possible.If you are a woman suffering from thinning hair, looking for reliable information may become frustrating.Here are some top hair loss myths to consider to help you separate good from bad information.#1- It can be pinned down to one causal factor.I encourage you to find a way to get fit and healthy for the body shape you have.

You might lose weight and then again you might not.

Whether or not it is the particular gift you might have wanted, it is the gift you have. You may have received the genetic code to be tall or short, large-boned or average, the tendency to be more of a pear shape or an apple, and so much more.

No matter what your gift, I guarantee you that you are beautiful!

When you were born you were given a unique one of a kind gift.

You were given the genetic code to be YOU, someone unlike anyone else in the world.

Having a little extra weight gives you the advantage of greater protection for your bones. Go now and pick your exercise program, have fun, get fit, feel better and look better! is a Nutritionist who shares her knowledge of healthy eating and weight management in her articles, blogs, and websites.