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Backdating a claim

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If one of you is working age, you'll usually have to claim universal credit instead.

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For example don't delay your claim because you can't get the evidence we need.Send your claim to us and provide the evidence later, but within one month.If you do need us to backdate your benefit, the rules about when we can backdate are different for different groups of people.This happens automatically when you apply for housing benefit.You're a mixed age couple if one of you is pension age and the other is working age. Couples won't usually be able to make a new claim for housing benefit unless you've both reached pension age.Housing Benefit is normally awarded from the Monday after the day you made your claim.

Sometimes we can pay benefit from an earlier date if you have a good reason (good cause) for not claiming sooner.

You can send a letter to explain your circumstances. Use our template letter The council writes to you once they've made a decision on your housing benefit claim.

If you can get housing benefit, the letter tells you the first day of your entitlement.

S/he only needs to qualify for housing benefit and be of pension credit age during the period in question.[3]If a claimant of working age can show s/he has 'good cause' (a good reason) for not making a housing benefit claim for a period during which s/he was entitled to it, the local authority must backdate the claim.[4]Examples of good cause might include if the claimant: If the housing benefit claim is for accommodation in a hostel where the rent is payable on a daily basis, the claimant does not need to show 'good cause'.

In all cases, housing benefit for a hostel is awarded back to the date that the claimant moved in.[5] [1] reg 83(12A) Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 SI 2006/213 as amended by reg 3 Housing Benefit (Abolition of the Family Premium and date of claim) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 SI 2015/1857; HB Circular A3/2016.[2] reg 64(1) Housing Benefit (Persons who have attained the qualifying age for pension credit) Regulations 2006 SI 2006/214 as amended by reg 5 Social Security (Miscellaneous Amendment) (No.4) Regulations 2008 SI 2008/2424.[3] reg 64(1) Housing Benefit (Persons who have attained the qualifying age for pension credit) Regulations 2006 SI 2006/214.[4] reg 83(12) Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 SI 2006/213.[5] Part A2, para 2.510 DWP Housing Benefit Guidance Manual.

We can only consider backdating your benefit from the date we receive your request.