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Austin nichols dating jake gyllenhaal

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Nichols took up surfing and practiced every day for three months for this role.

Austin Nichols (born April 24, 1980) is an American actor and director, known for his role as Julian Baker in The CW drama series One Tree Hill.The series began airing in June 2007, but was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings and mixed critical reviews.Nichols played John Monad, a stranger who suddenly appears in a quiet surfing town.Its at the point where Tammy would roll his eyes at Jake. He's been spotted multiple times with women in obviously non platonic situations all over NYC and LA by regular people on Twitter and other sites.Just last week in fact he was seen making out with some blonde girl in NYC by folks on Twitter and there is photographic evidence.Nichols said in one interview, "I've learned a ton from Jake.

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Doesn't seem that they were somewhere where paparazzi would find them and it was just reported in Twitter so it doesn't sound like PR to me.

He's also very flirty with women, like on that Univision interview he did."it's universally accepted he is straight."Obviously it's not "universally accepted" because then there would be no debate on the matter here.

Nichols initially wished to attend the University of Texas, but moved to Los Angeles after his signing and enrolled at the University of Southern California, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Although Nichols had guest appearances in Sliders, Odd Man Out, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Family Law, Watching Ellie, and Wolf Lake before his graduation, his big break came in 2002 when he appeared as Brenda Chenowith's lover in two episodes of Six Feet Under.

And Billy Crystal would definitely disagree with you.