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And m ward dating

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All this to say that I feel ready to start casually dating again.I have a great job, amazing friends, multiple hobbies/interests, practice self-care, and want to make the most of this summer.

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All my family and friends say I have been adjusting surprisingly well, but for me the relationship died a long time ago.Part of me thinks that no one is going to swipe right when they see this, due to the stigma and because I am only 29 years old (“so young, so much baggage! Should I be putting this on my profile and being transparent from the start?I guess I hope once people meet me in person (and see that I am not someone who consistently whines about their ex/failed past relationship) they will not think it is a big deal.If I should put separated on my profile, any recommendations for wording (besides “Separated BUT WELL ADJUSTED” haha)?The advice from my friends is split and the internet is no help.I am not looking for a boyfriend or anything monogamous; just looking to meet some interesting people, eat some tasty food, and start having sex again (it’s been months).

I signed up for a dating app and started messaging guys which has been fun.

The fuller story could be as simple as,“Eh, not much to tell, we met really young, we found out we weren’t the right match and decided to part ways as friends. ‘all the way divorced’ until the legally-mandated clock finishes counting down, in practice it’s been over between us for a while. I just know that sometimes people can be tetchy about this kind of stuff and I don’t want to be anything but straightforward.” Trust that most people who want the same kind of fun, casual, friendly connection you do will follow your lead, not be totally thrown by the fact that you have Been In Love Before, reward honesty and make talking about awkward stuff easy (a good thing in a potential sex partner), and take you as you come.

And you’ll have room to say It’s okay for you to be dating even though the ink on your divorce decree can’t even get wet for 330 more days.

“Hey, jsyk, I recently ended a marriage and this is my first time dating in a while.

I never know when it’s the right time to tell people stuff like this, so I’m going with ‘awkwardly blurting it out’ so it’s not a surprise later.” You don’t need to apologize, explain, or reassure them you don’t want to whine about your ex, that part will become self-evident if you keep chatting and don’t whine about your ex.

Your best move is to wish them well, move on, and keep on disclosing to the next hot interesting dude.