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All the dating sites rss feed

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At the top level, a RSS document is a element, with a mandatory attribute called version, that specifies the version of RSS that the document conforms to.

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A full explanation of this element and the rss Cloud interface is here. This makes it possible for RSS sources to be managed by a file-sharing network such as Gnutella. An item may represent a "story" -- much like a story in a newspaper or magazine; if so its description is a synopsis of the story, and the link points to the full story.For example, *|RSSITEM: DATE:d/m/y|* where d is replaced by the day, m by the month, and y by the year.What it displays: A customized block of social share icons that you can define, which give subscribers a simple way to share the RSS item to their preferred social network. The group of tags in this section allows you to embed preformatted lists, summaries, or full content of your posts in an RSS campaign.Use *|RSSFEED: DATE: FORMAT|* to show the current date in a given format.For example, *|RSSFEED: DATE:d/m/y|* where d is replaced by the day, m by the month, and y by the year.Maximum value for width is 144, default value is 88.

Maximum value for height is 400, default value is 31. It specifies a web service that supports the rss Cloud interface which can be implemented in HTTP-POST, XML-RPC or SOAP 1.1.

Maintaining a trail of samples seems like a good idea.

This document represents the status of RSS as of the Fall of 2002, version 2.0.1.

A URL that points to the documentation for the format used in the RSS file. It's for people who might stumble across an RSS file on a Web server 25 years from now and wonder what it is.

contains text that is included in the TITLE attribute of the link formed around the image in the HTML rendering.

What it displays: The date the RSS item was published.