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Adultfriendfinder chat room

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Desirable women will be coming out of the woodwork to be lining up around the block for you.

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I for one welcome this development, its about time us horny singles got a good deal. I paid for premium, just the first level, cancelled 2 months later.Well I was talking to a couple for 7 hours and we were setting a play date to meet at a hotel.So when the time came to meet them, they never showed up, never contacted me, I was sending messages, didnt get any back.people who abuse and threaten other people you send copies of the converstions to the abuse site admin, they will not repy or do anything abt it.theres more faake profiles on there then ive ever known on a site i think the admin are as crooked as the people who make the fake profiles and abuse people ive copied and pasted conversations to the abuse admiin and they wont do anything abt this problem I'm deleting my account.It's finally a buyers market, so screw the time wasting sites! Every woman on this site wants to get you into google hangouts to send you malware or talk you out of personal data. You do NOT get full access with just the gold, have to get another level to message non members at ANOTHER cost, or they can only get ur message as a blur. The IM program also is very unreliable, but works well for their spam bots!

I have to think that if you were a woman, this site would be okay - but if you're a straight guy? I reported it and they say it works good, but they are checking with a IN NETWORK PC and not log in as a regular user from a out of network pc. I'm a comfortably above-average looking very fit charming witty respectfully-hung professional dude with mainstream heterosexual proclivities from the NYC area who joined AFF for a month with the absolute determination (because of certain things going on in my life right now) to find a presentable woman within a very broad body type, age and racial range with whom to have a respectable time without expectations for the future, whether that be a ONS or ongoing FWB situation.

And I KNOW my im's aren't even sending because I get the same guys that have been trying to hookup with me for MONTHS but my messages STILL don't get through!

I don't think your gold members would be too happy to know that us standard members can't even READ messages from them!!!!! This site is literally useless for me at this point.

I called customer service twice on the issue, both times the reps could BARELY speak English, had absolutely NO customer service skills or knowledge about the site. OH & NO APOLOGY OF COURSE for my MAJOR inconvenience & their seriously f*cked up site, just awkward, dead silence & scripted responses. You cant even contact users and this is after you pay.

They just give that standard, scripted response: "you must be a gold member." Ummm actually NO. They used to give us a FREE gold membership simply for accruing a ton of points from other members. Now when you call customer service they say "We haven't had any complaints about our website, blablabla thanks & goodbye" HAAAAH!!! I warned them to cancel my account and dont charge my credit card again.

old smokin' hot lingerie clad hotties from somewhere in the States.