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Original value means that the correct original value was available.The After Properties return an int value only for every field type that uses indexed values (Choice fields, Lookup fields) when invoked in an Item Updating/Item Adding event, unless they allow multiple values.

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Like it is called it’s an piece of code which can be executed by a certain event. But which value those have is told in this post and this post.Here we will discuss Before Properties and After Properties in Event Receiver in Share Point 2013.These properties are used to get previous values and the current value in the event receiver events.Item Updated I did an Update and making it trigger itself. If you’re dealing with a event receiver with access to server side code, this is not a problem.Writing that makes your world pink and sparkly again.After properties are used to get current values in the event receiver events in Share Point 2013.

Recently we got a requirement to get the save the previous value before updating in Share Point 2013.

This was the method I created: It checks if the property exists at all (it doesn’t if it is an Item Added-event and the property is custom made) and if it differs.

Recently I had a problem setting the title field of a Page within the pages library.

In the case of Item Updating event, it is possible to get the previous value by using the properties.

List Item property and in the After Properties, we will be able to get the updated value.

At your disposal on SPRemote Event Properties you have after Properties and before Properties, found by doing this: And those were the key to the problem: how to act on the firing only when the user changes something and not when it updates itself?