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As such, the app allows users to share their location information, as indicated in our privacy policy.

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If you’re someone who likes the idea of longer, more considered messaging, websites might win for you.However, this is not a default setting and users must enable it themselves.CNET: Google now offers no-password login -- if you have an Android phone Recon said the issue has now been resolved by moving to a "snap to grid" setup."By supplying spoofed locations (latitude and longitude) it is possible to retrieve the distances to these profiles from multiple points, and then triangulate or trilaterate the data to return the precise location of that person," the researchers say.Failure to secure and mask the true locations of users is problematic, but in some countries, these leaks could represent a real risk to individual safety.As part of this commitment, we have put in place a number of security measures, and are always looking at ways to enhance these features.

Grindr is designed to connect individuals based on their proximity.

"App makers must do more to inform their users and give them the ability to control how their location is stored and viewed." In related news this week, researcher Darryl Burke reported that the Chinese 'version' of Tinder, called Sweet Chat, has also been leaking chat content and photos via an unsecured server.

Update 15.17 BST: A Grindr spokesperson told ZDNet:"The safety and security of our users is a core value at Grindr, and we are deeply committed to creating a safe online environment for all of our users.

A "snap to grid" system seems to be one of the most reasonable ways to resolve precise tracking.

Rather than pinpointing the exact location of a user, this would "snap" a user to the nearest grid square, which provides a rough area and keeps the exact location of someone hidden from prying eyes. 3Fun worked with the researchers and requested advice on how to plug its data leak.

It was found that 3Fun was not only leaking the locations of users but also information including their dates of birth, sexual preferences, pictures, and chat data.